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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A little plaid mad.

I gone alittle bit plaid mad, making myself a pink & black plaid dress!
It's same Burda pattern I used for the 'I will wear it in public challenge' that I had entered over @ Riccohet & Away last month ( please vote for me-push the vote button link on the right). 
I'm so loving the shirt/dress that I made for the challenge,
the twisted neck is cool- something different, it's super comfy and the pockets are so handy.
So why not make it again- but knee length and with a gathered waist and in a Hot Pink & Black plaid wool blend fabric. 
It only took a few hours to put it together and Pink Plaid dress was born-    
I'm happy with the finished dress, I can't wait to wear it!

GARDEN UPDATE: My winter salad garden is doing really well- apart from 2 transplant deaths. I've watered them a few times and they are defiantly growing, maybe well be eating some in a couple of weeks,  I'll post a growth pic next week.
 I've also been preparing a patch for our seed garlic, it's that time again here- nearing the shortest day, 
I've done a bit of garlic growing  research to try and increase our yield cause we love garlic so much. 
The patch is where our mobile chicken coup was last year, so I'm hoping the soil is not "to rich"- fingers crossed, we'll find out in about 6 months!

WHAT I'M KNITTING at the moment is from a new book I brought from Paper Plus-
Gothic knits by Fiona McDonald and no it's not all black clothes- but Gothic Inspired Knitted Dolls!
Book Cover - Gothic Knits
I saw the book and I had to get it, I've never seen anything like it, their are 9 different dolls- male and female and they are freaks- cool.
I've knitted one doll so far and I put her together last night, the long legs are so funny.
 I've never knitted any type of doll or toy before, it's been good to try something different.
The patterns in this book are quite simple and easy to follow, all knitted on 3mm needles in 8ply.
The dolls have knitted clothes and shoes -so that's next on the needles and embroider the facial features,
I think I might do a test head to have a practise first!  


  1. How did the doll turn out?

  2. Still working on her, I've made her some clothes and she now has hair, I'll put photos on my next blog.