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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I'm really enjoying learning some new techniques and skills from the tutorials for the quilt-along over at  These are the first 5 blocks of my quilt, I've learnt to piece together squares, rectangles & triangles so far. Cut, sew, press- easy so far.

block 1 game of Hopscotch
block2 Peek over the fence (two by 3)
block3 Time for ice cream (shoo fly)
block4 Jump in the pool (Double monkey wrench)
block 5 count the stars (friendship star)

The only real problem I've had is to work my rotary cutter the right way. This is the first time in using a cutter & board, at first I put it together wrong (hubby fixed it), then I wasn't holding the ruler down enough or the handle on the right angle. A few bad words were mumbled, then I checked out U-Tube to learn what I should be doing, I'm getting better.
This block is Count the Stars- aka frienship star
So I've caught up to the quilt-along and submitted my 5th block on time for a chance at some of the great prizes.  

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I'm Having ago, Beginner's Quilt -Along

Beginner's Quilt-Along
I saw a link from Craft Gossip about This beginner's quilt-along at the other day. 
It's a step by step block process that is worked on each week till September and hopefully at the end you have a finished quilt. 
The quilt-along has already started and is up to week 5 ,
but anyone can still hav ago and start it at anytime. 
My family and I went to Dunkleys craft show in Hamilton today,
there was a quilting stall, I brought some fabrics- so I guess I'm having a go at my first quilt!
I purchased the fabric from Cushlas Village Fabrics, they have stores in Waihi,  Auckland and online(
The ladies were very helpful while I was selecting some fat quarters and my son had some input as well.

Once home I had to have a go, I've done the first of the 12 blocks, the 1st is
"Play a game of Hopscotch",
a very simple block to begin with,  the blocks gradually get  more complicated
as the quilt progresses.
I'll take alook at the 2nd block tomorrow, and if I catch up to the Quilt-along/challenge I can enter for the prizes.   

Monday, 2 July 2012

Cold & Busy

I haven't had alot of time to get much crafting (or blogging) done,  I've been hell busy.
The chilli winter weather is here,  the days are shorter and the nights are long and cold, you'd think there's heaps of time for indoor crafting but that hasn't been the case.
The last couple of weeks have been very busy-
my daughter shari turned 8 and we baked and decorated 55 cupcakes for her to share with friends & family.
We baby-sat my parents motel for a night which was busy- I was so knackered after that.
I also altered a ball dress for a friends daughter & she looked gorgeous in a silver-grey beaded grecian style gown - I so love sewing pretty dresses.
And of course I been working most days, busy with the kids & school stuff and theres my crazy animals to tend to as well.
I have managed to knit some clothes for the goth doll I'm makin, a dress, knickers, stockings & shoes and I've also done her hair.


She's a hit with the kids already even though there's no face yet, I've got a practice head ready to have a go at the facial features when I get the chance. There's also suspenders for her stockings, lace wristcuffs & jewellery to make, maybe a peirceing or tattoo too!

IN THE GARDEN my swede & turnip patch is a bit of a disaster, in the 10sq metre patch there are about 12 swede & I can't even find a turnip- what a flop, I had put in about 200 seeds.
My watercress that I have growing in a tub of water is growing well in this cold and frosty weather even when the water in the tub freezes it doesnt care, it's a awesome dark green colour with a wicked fresh peppery bite to it- yum in salads & soup!

In the glasshouse everything is growing nicely, the lettuce is growing well, the sliverbeet not quite as much growth but is strong & healthy with vibriant coloured stalks already.

                                           We'll be eating fresh lettuce salad soon-ish.
Time to start thinking about spring & summer flowers & the crops we want to grow & eat.
We have just finished the last of the potatoes that we grew last season, they were so much nicer than what you can buy in the shops & my hubbys got the spud-bug & wants to double the plot we planted last year- which was 8kg of seed spud, we harvested between 50-60kg (we had raided the plot for baby taters on a few occasions) and we will to try some different varieties this year too.

IN THE KITCHEN I've tried out a really simple pizza base recipe twice in the last couple of weeks in which I used leftovers to make yummy pizzas quickly for dinner. I forgot to take pics, they looked & tasted great.

                                                 Quick & Simple Pizza Base Recipe
To make 1 30cm X 30cm base (roasting pan size)
1 Cup Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 Cup grated Cheese
1/4 Cup Milk
Pinch salt
1TBSP Dried Herbs of of choice; basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary.

Sift together flour, B.P & salt, mix in cheese.
Make a well in the center, add milk & herbs, mix together till mixture combines to a ball
( add a little extra milk if dry) 
roll out with a rolling pin to 5mm thick
place on lightly oiled tray/pan
add all your favourite toppings
Bake in a 200'c preheated oven for 10-12 mins