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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

1st Challenge for Iron craft'13, Cotton

As I'm always pushing myself to do and learn more things so I signed up for Iron Craft 2013.
It's a year long fortnightly challenge hosted by

The 1st project of the year is Cotton- anything cotton, so being practically minded and wanting to make something useful I have made my hubby a Man-pron (apron-for-a-man) to try and help keep his clothes abit cleaner as well as being super-useful with lots of pockets to pop things in to keep on hand.
I've had metres of this stiff Cotton Denim for years, it seamed a-little to stiff for regular clothing even after being washed several times, but it's perfect for this project. My hubby is a glazier (glass installer) and is always coming home with some type of glue or resin smeared on his clothes so hopefully he will wear his Man-pron to stop this. He wanted lots of big deep pockets to store things on hand while working as well as a top pocket for phones and pens etc. 
The stencil is for fun, this is 'Scary Guy' which I purchased from Metallica's online store (


  1. I think I can love anything with a Metallica theme!

  2. The Iron Craft Challenge sounds really cool, good luck with it!