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Monday, 4 June 2012

Winter Glasshouse Garden

It is now officially winter here in New Zealand and after last years vegetable quality and prices  I have decided to try growing some salad veges in my glass-house over winter.
I follow the lunar garden cycle so I started preparing the soil in my glasshouse for the 'planting days' of the cycle.
I purchased some plants from  as I find the traditional value bundles are good healthy plants delivered to your door for less than you can buy in the shops.
I have planted 3 types of lettuce- 'Iceberg', 'Hearting Mix' & a 'Mesclum mix'.
I ended up with about 45 lettuce plants- costing $11.85 for the 3 bundles- about .25c a plant.
The lettuce prices last winter were $4+ so they will hopefully pay for themselves in no time. 
I also planted some 'Bright lights' coloured silverbeet around the edge of my lil glasshouse, to use in salads as young leaves - and to add abit of colour. That 1 $3.85 bundle contained 18 plants!
I left it to late to plant my "Arctic Tomato"seeds, they will grow in sub-zero temperatures as long as they get sun. Which is a bummer as tomato's hit a $17 a kilo high last year. I will try a couple of seeds in the next 'planting cycle' maybe they might do something.

This week I will be planting out my own seed garlic that I saved from last season, I've been reading up on what garlic loves so hopefully this crop will exceed the last.
Onto other things, remember the lovely lace pattern alpaca scarf that I knitted a couple of weeks ago?
Well I found the 1st time I wore it that I am allergic to alpaca fibres!  Damn it, it brought me out an eczema type rash on both sides of my neck. It now is hanging in my sewing room doorhandle so I can at least enjoy looking at it. 

I did make the best Lemon Meringue Pie I've made in years this week, maybe it was the lemons that my hubby bought home from Tapu, up the Thames Coast.
It had the most gorgeous flavour and set like a dream.


  1. Thanks for the tip to try Awapuni nursery :) I just bought my first house and am looking forward to starting a vege/herd/fruit garden. Your baby lettuce look so yummy already and I totally agree with the quality/price issue from the supermarket, boo charging us $4 for a sad looking brown lettuce :(

  2. Your welcome, I went to Awapuni Nursery's site 2 days ago only to discover they have raised the price of their traditional bundles to $4.20, still a good price for 9 plants, so I've now opted to start my veges & flowers from seed. I went to, there seeds are start at $2 and thats for 100's (depending on variety) with lots of different varietys. I will update on my blog once they arrive. Good luck with your new garden, I highly reccommend reading N.Z. Gardener magazine for lots of tips & inspiration :)