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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Spring is on the way......

Spring is on the way-
my 1st daffodill was out and proud on the 1st of August.
It is so nice to see some colour in the garden and to signal the winter will soon be over and a new spring season is soon to begin.

My veges in the glasshouse are booming, we have eaten our 1st salad with the lettuce I planted and it was yum.

I picked 5 different types of the messclun mix,
the freshness and flavour is outstanding.

I have sown some Spring Onions- Ishkura long White and Radishes- Easter Egg Blend in around the outer of the lettuces.

I've also been abit ambitious and have sown 4 varieties of early growing Tomatos, 2 types of
'Sub Arctic Plenty', 'Baxters Early bush cherry'& 'Cherry Sweetie', fingers crossed X.

 These are the 1st 8 Blocks from the beginners quilting challenge that I joined at I've been learning lots of mad patchworking skills and have recieved some nice comments and feedback on my blocks.
I'm loving this weekly tutorial that is teaching the basics of putting a quilt together- I can do anytime and it's free!

You can check out my progress on my
flicker page

I found this great pattern for a quick to knit beanie over at

I had some Naturally's Tussock 10ply Yarn and it knitted up awesome with this pattern,  my 'Regular Guy' Hubby loves it.


  1. The quilt is looking fantastic Mel

    1. Thanks Z, I'm finding that it's quite an addictive craft/hobby,I find myself dreaming about quilting fabrics & patterns now!