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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Block 13's a winner!

Well guess what!
My 13th quilt block I made for  the Beginners Quilt along has won a prize.
Wow, 13 must have been my lucky number.
I've won 4 quilt patterns from, I was so excited when I got the email, goes to show how the Internet has made the world so easily connected, me from Lil New Zealand winning a U.S challenge, Awesome!
 #13 Quilt block is a winner.
I've been a busy-bee in the garden, it's spring-time, lots to be done, seeds to sow, plants to plant, compost to dig and BAD BUGS NEED TO DIE! Aphids in particular. Making themselves cosy in my glasshouse.
I checked out the sprays at my local supermarket & hardware stores and was blown away at the prices, anywhere from $18 for a 750ml ready to use spray or $14 upwards for a 250ml concentrated spray.
I remembered that in a previous N.Z. Gardner magazine there was a article on 10 Easy to make Organic Bug Sprays.
I hunted down the issue from the stack (November 09) and found a Garlic Bug Spray recipe, it's said to tackle many different bugs- aphids, wire worm, codling moth, white cabbage butterfly & mosquito larvae. So back to the supermarket I went to buy the 3 ingredients I didn't have, Pure Soap (sunlight), Garlic & Kerosene, totalling $11.83.The 4th ingredient is water.

This has made 1 litre of concentrate, with a mixing ratio of 15mls spray to 1 litre of water,
that's approx 66 litres of spray from 1 batch. Had to share the recipe, I will let you know how well it works over the following weeks.
                                                       Recipe for Organic Garlic Bug Spray
                                                         1/3 of 1 bar of Pure Soap (30grm) grated,
                                                         100grm Chopped Garlic (3 bulbs)
                                                         1 tsp kerosene (5ml)
                                                         1 Litre of water (warmish)
  In a large Juice Bottle I dissolved the  soap in a little boiling water, then added other ingredients,
shake the heck out of it, leave it for 48hr.
Then strain/sieve it and it's ready to go.


  1. Congratulations Mel, well deserved

  2. Go Little NZ! Yay for you :)

    I'm really keen to hear how the spray works. I was just thinking the other day it would be nice to try some "natural" pest solutions so thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Did the spray work for your problems? Didnt see an update...

    1. So far the spray has worked excellent on aphids and white cabbage butterfly caterpillars. I have been abit cautious were I spray so I don't kill to many good bugs aswell, I'm only spraying when I find the 'bad bugs' not as a preventer. I've got about 1/4 of the batch of concertrate left so I'll be making another brew and continue to trial it.