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Friday, 18 May 2012

Finished Outfit

I've finished my merino fitted tee- my outfit is complete.
My tee was real basic so I used a criss-cross stretch stitch on the hems to finish. It was the 1st time I had used that stitch on my new singer futura and I love it, the seams are lovely and flat, no tension issues that can happen with knit fabrics.
The neckline on my tee isn't 100% centred so that bugs me a bit but I wasn't going to unpick in case I put a hole in it. I do love the length though, I adapted the length when I drafted the pattern from Burda Style magazine issue  7/2011  style#103  . A nice fit on me (my dress form is set to my measurements- her name is Dolly).
I finished all 3 of my garments with my own manufacture label- MADJAM, to give they a store bought look and to help tell the right way with the tights.

I've had some great comments & questions about my previous update post. A few more details about my top/dress , I had to check that it was a box pleat I had done in the back & it is. I pressed it down & topstitched it ending just above my waist line. Here are 2 pics, 1 outside, 1 inside sorry they're bit blurry.

Also the tights/leggings, that I made, I adapted the pattern that is usually 1 piece for each leg buy simply marking 3inches down from each side of the crutch leg-line and folding the pattern across leg. Then I cut the top piece out of modal- I just added a seam allowance at the foldline and the same for the lace leg bottoms by adding a seam allow at top leg fold. I also tried on each leg before I sewed to two legs together,  I had to take in the lace part a few inches because it is so stretchy it was a bit baggy & I wanted a fitted leg. I finished the hem by attaching a cuff, just like for a sleeve.

So here they are waiting for me to wear them in public, I think I'll wear them to work on monday.
 I'll post my final picture of me "wearing it in public".
A Big Big thanks to everyone for their great comments & thanks to Rikka for hosting this challenge.
 I've really enjoyed making something for myself for everyday wear for a change. 

1 comment:

  1. A fabulous outfit, Mel!!! Love the criss cross stretch stitch! Look forward to seeing the outfit in action...