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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Challenge Update

I've got quite a bit done in the last couple of days for the 'I will wear it in public challenge'.
I washed all my fabrics, drafted & adapted the patterns to my measurements.
I started with the shirt/dress that is a woven cotton plaid check fabric that I had bought from a spotlight store, on the bargin table for $4 metre.
My pattern was from my burda style magazine issue 12/2010, style 110.
I had marked a line 2" under the  front & back armhole to line up the checks when cutting out. I also scooped the back hem slightly.
I added a box pleat in the back as I found it to be abit loose & sack-like & I wanted a little shape.
I made in-seam pockets out off Merino wool knit scraps so my pockets will be nice & snuggly warm for my hands. Then the twisted roll neckline colar which I had a couple of goes at as I had never done that kind of neckline, was happy with my third attempt.
The sleeves are 3/4 with elastic cased  hems to be practical and easy wear.
Overall I happy with the finished results, I had never done a matched plaid beforeit wasn't as scary as I was thinking, but I'm glad I chose a basic garment.

Next was the legging/tights that I wanted to make out of a stretchy lace that I had bought a few months ago for a bargin- 4 metres for $10 from a lovely lady I know who has a  fabric addiction.
I spliced the pattern that I drafted from Burda style issue 1/2011, style 130,  into 2 as I wanted to used a modal knit in the top of the legging as I knew if the whole garment was lace I would shred the upper-half into holes in no time. So I wizzed them up on the overlocker/serger taking care to get the tension right for the stretch. I also put a modal cuff on the bottom of each leg to finish.
Overall they look & feel great on, the modal is lovely on my skin & the superstretch is super practical easy to wear. They do look odd when hanging up as where i joined the 2 fabrics is kind of fluted but once they are on the seams are flat.

I had such fun with the serger I decided to do a belt/scarf from the stretch lace & just hemmed it with a nice rolled edge, only took 5 minutes & looks great.

So that's where I'm at, I just have the merino tee to go,
hopefully I will get it done in the next day or two.


  1. Great work! I love your idea about adding the pockets and making them warm and cozy. If you get a chance, could you please post or pin a pic of the back of your tunic? I'm curious how you put in the box pleat. :-)

    1. Sure, I will take a pic of the back box pleat once I take the finished photos:)

  2. Pretty darn fabulous!!! Love the sound of the snuggly pockets you clever thing you:).

  3. Great job!! Your leggings look fantastic!

  4. Your outfit looks like you bought it at the store. Great job!

  5. You wore this tonight. looked fantastic, i thought you had bought it.Loving the stuff you're making.