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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I will wear it in public!

Pinned Image It took me to sign up for this challenge to make a Blog and join Pinterest.! This is also the first online challenge I have entered.
I have had many ideas about what I want to make, it was so hard to decide on just one thing, so i've decided to do a whole outfit.
I also set a few ground rules for myself-
                                              it will be warm winter clothing- so i will wear it in public now,
                                              with fabric that I already have in my stash (as I have way to much fabric) 
                                              and I will use & adapt patterns from my Burda style Magazines,
so I have a few tough but exciting decisions ahead- wish me luck :)


  1. Very ambitious, I like it! Good luck:)

  2. Welcome to blogland!!! Look forward to seeing your Winter outfit!!!

  3. Wow an entire outfit!! You go girl! I am excited to see what you come up with. Welcome to blogland it's a fun place to be!:)

  4. Your cool weather clothing stumped me for a minute. I keep forgetting the southern hemisphere is on opposite seasons. It's hard to believe you are so very far away. One of my favorite aspects about blogging is that the world becomes so much smaller.
    I love your idea about drawing from your stash. Good luck!
    Rikka J.
    P.s. are you considering adding a google friend connect widget to your sidebar? Let us know if you do. We'd like to become your newest followers.