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Thursday, 24 May 2012

I 'wore it' to work yesterday

I wore my 'I will wear it in public' challenge outfit to work yesterday,
my top/dress is definately a top when worn with the lace leggings.
I was behind desk most of the day which was good cause there was abit of thigh showing with the lace.

Super comfy outfit though, the merino kept me snuggly -it's been pretty cold here at the moment, and I just love the pockets. When I got home I put on some jeggings and the top looked awesome with them.
I know I'm going to wear everything I made all the time.
This has been a great challenge, I really enjoyed it. 
I think it's started abit of a plaid trend for me- I've already cut out a Pink and Black Plaid dress :)


  1. very cool! I love the leggings most :D

  2. Thanks lee, I know I'll be wearing them under lots of skirts this winter, so comfy.

  3. Comfort is oh so important... fabulous job on making an outfit that is comfortable to wear and that looks great, too!

  4. awsome job! I'd never of thought to make myself leggings, you look fantastic in your new outfit!