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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Planned Outfit for the Challenge

After many hours looking at my fabrics and searching through my burda style mags, I have a plan for a outfit for the 'I will wear it in public challenge".
I had already set myself a few guidelines-
such as- warm for winter (in Southern hemisphere),
using fabric from my stash and adapting from my pattern books
( I have way to much of both).
So a outfit  that I will wear in public, that means it needs to be casual,
practical with a little rock'n roll/punk touch, being a busy rockin chick on the go.

Here are the fabrics & pattern books i will adapt my patterns from.

Hopefully I will create 3 peices - 
A long top/shirtdress from the Green Woven cotton plaid fabric,
A fitted tee from the Black Merino wool knit fabric
and a pair of legging/tights from Black Stretch Lace and Modal Fabrics

Now that's a challenge, plaid, knit & super stretch fabrics!